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Guignol and Brindas
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2008 was Guignol's bicentenary & the Musée-Théâtre Guignol opened in Brindas
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It existed long before the MTG realization, as you will understand if you read hereunder… The official site is here :
But the program of the Museum's café-théâtre is included in our BrindAGENDA page

Above : Guignol and Gnafron in a typical brindasian landscape, the place of the village (Photo : JLB)

BRINDAS & GUIGNOL : our 2001 editorial, on creation of this page

Brindas is a village located at about fifteen kilometers south-west of Lyon, which can praise itself to be the second home of Guignol (The first one being Lyon of course). Many plays of the repertory of the famous puppet show actually mention Brindas : Guignol meets his essential fellow Gnafron in Brindas, and it is there too that he becomes engaged and married. If by chance (in other stories) he gets married in Lyon, then it's in Brindas that he spends his honeymoon ! The mayor of Brindas himself, with his tricolour shoulder sash, was a character during the great hours of Guignol. And some still remember the departure of Guignol for the Moon... from the aerodrome in Brindas !!

So why Brindas ?
Simply because the Neichthauser family, who managed the Guignol Mourguet theatre from 1907 to 1981 had settled in Brindas towards the beginning of the XXth century, first on holiday time, then with more assiduity, since Pierre Neichthauser, who animated for a very long time the puppet of Gnafron (while his younger brother Ernest played Guignol), even became the mayor of the commune from 1929 to 1940. So Gnafron was the mayor of Brindas... in some ways !




Today, Jean-Guy Mourguet (photo on the left), the last puppeteer descendant of the family, who founded his own company in 1955, would like to see the creation of a Guignol foundation in Brindas, the village to which he bequeath his important collection of puppets.

Serge Dumonteil, February 2001 (english version : 12-2005) ©

PS : This idea made its way, the donation went to the association of villages CCVL,
and the
Musée-Théâtre GUIGNOL eventually opened in Brindas in January 2008...


Logo Musée GuignolOpened in 2008 by the Communauté de Communes des Vallons du Lyonnais


The Museum
- Presentation of the family collection Mourguet, creator of Guignol
- The complete story of the 200 years of the Guignol de Lyon
- Documentation with the archives and testimonys of five generations of "guignolists"

The Theatre
Programming shows (puppets, or others) for adults (at 8:30pm) or for children (at 4pm)
The list is also included in our Brind'AGENDA page

Practical infos
Opened from Wednesday to Sunday
(2 pm > 6 pm)
Visit freely or guided

Address : MTG 18 montée de la Bernade, F 69126 Brindas
-Map to the Guignol Museum-theatre in Brindas-
Informations : 33 478 57 57 40

On-line : The musée-théâtre website (

"Guignol des villes et Guignol des champs", Lyon and Brindas, two visits in one day, that's the possibility provided for groups thanks to partnership between MTG and the Musée des Marionnettes du Monde (Musées de Gadagne). All the information at MTG.


"Guignol, putain, 200 ans !": Great article in Libération, with a JG Mourguet interview, out on 18-12-2007 :

A page on the museum-theater on the website of the CCVL (the community of communes which is now responsible for the project) :

About Jean-Guy Mourguet's bequest for the "Musée de Guignol": Le Progrès du 10 Juin 2005...

About his current troupe in Brindas "Les Gones à Mourguet" : le journal du Dimanche 12 Juin 2005...

PS: Jean-Guy Mourguet died in October 2012……

1808/2008 : GUIGNOL's bicentenary

All the scheduled events listed here by Les Amis de Guignol…
Saturday 31st May and Sunday 1st June: Fête des Castelets, au Parc de la Tête d'or (free shows from 2 to 6 pm). (See at Les
Saturday 14th June, from 5 pm, Place des Terreaux : "La leçon du Montreur" (a thousand one-day puppetteers follow the lesson of Le Montreur, as shown on a giant screen)


A video presentation of Guignol, by (in french..) :

Guignol, Gnafron et Madelon
sent by portail_culture_lyon.  


Image on right > Gnafron, Madelon & Guignol (in a famous place of St Jean district in Le Vieux Lyon)


> A page in english about french marionettes and Guignol (on the RFI site)

> La "Société des Amis de Guignol" (friends of Guignol) is an association which exists since 1913 :

> On this site of "Le Parler lyonnais" you can find some Lyonnais/Français, or Français/Lyonnais dictionaries ! (sorry, no english)

> The Castelbou family inventoried all kinds of Guignol traces in Lyon and elsewhere :

> Les Musées Gadagne (history of Lyon + puppets of the world), with an important puppet museum in Le vieux Lyon...

> A video document in the INA archives :
From ORTF - Rhône Alpes actualités from 4-4-1964 : Interview with Pierre LEGRAND and Ernest NEICHTHAUSER (aged 87 then and playing Guignol since 1902) who managed the theatre of the quai St Antoine (then about to be demolished).


GUIGNOL shows in LYON 
(We made a map so you can locate them)

Logo Streble>The Daniel Streble company "Guignol, un gone de Lyon" plays in la Croix-Rousse :
salle de la Ficelle, 65 boulevard des Canuts, Lyon 4e 
(Théâtre : 0472 32 11 55   Bureau/Fax : 0478 37 71 44)

Logo maison de Guignol> La Maison de Guignol" is at #2 montée du Gourguillon (St Jean district),
(0472 40 26 61 / 0478 37 01 67)

Logo Guignol du Parc> Le "véritable Guignol du vieux Lyon et du parc" is another Guignol troupe privileging tradition :
(Tél : 0478 28 60 41 - Fax : 0478 39 57 03 - Tél théâtre : 0478 93 71 75)

Logo Zonzons> And Les Zonzons the company now running "le Guignol de Lyon"
at 2 rue Louis Carrand 69005 LYON (0478 28 92 57)

And they organize "Moisson d'Avril",
an international puppets biennale
, 10th édition : 22 > 30th April 2012

Moisson d'Avril 2014

guignols de l'infoAnd other GUIGNOLS elsewhere :

The Guignol du Jardin d'Acclimatation (created 1953) is the most famous of the parisian Guignols.

Les Guignols de l'Info (a TV program on Canal+, since 1988): they don't use the traditionnal Guignol puppets, but they do have the critical spirit ! (one can find recent episodes on the Canal+ site). Picture on right >>>
Their story on french Wikipédia..

A world listing of puppets theatres, on french Wikipédia too.

Books about Guignol

(with links to

- Le Guignol lyonnais, de Tancrède de Visan et Gérard Truchet // Or original version reproduction :

- Guignol : les Mourguet, de Paul Fournel (1995) // New edition in 2008 :


 - Théâtre lyonnais de Guignol : recueil de J. Onofrio

 - L'histoire véritable de Guignol, de Paul Fournel

- Une anémone pour Guignol- de Marcel Maréchal

 - Ce coquin de Guignol, par Paul Fournel (pour enfants)

Other (or same) books, but by (USA) :

L'Histoire veritable de Guignol- par Paul Fournel

Guignol: Les Mourguet- de Paul Fournel

Guignol: Le roman d'un saltimbanque (Collection Le Progrès)- par Bernard Frangin Une anemone pour Guignol: ou, Grandeur et misere d'un art populaire- par Marcel Maréchal

Le théatre de Guignol,: Drames, pochades et comédies burlesques imités de Mourguet, Josserand, Villerme & Cie, d'après les meilleures traditions ... et d'un glossaire du jargon lyonnais,- par Etienne Ducret

Gnafron à Paris: ou, Le Savetier Poète- par René Mendes-France

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